Sticking to our commitments

We aim to
democratize AI

Avoiding the concentration of AI superpowers into the hands of a few is one of the biggest challenges the world is facing. Our playground and its public functionalities are our humble contribution to this grand objective.

We are jealous
of our independence

Fair and impartial assessment of hardware and technology embedded into AI solutions is at the core of our project. We can't afford to be judge and party.

We are long-dated
open-source supporters

Our CTO has been a relentless open-source contributor for more than 20 years. We will maintain a dedicated free plan to help the open-source and academic communities pursuing their research using our product.

Your confidentiality is
the apple of our eyes

The private functionalities of our playground are the fuel of our business model. That how we pay the bills, maintain our independence and deliver our mission. They require trust. If we lose that we lose everything.

We are committed
to excellence

We put all our heart in designing and developing a great product. User experience and quality of services are an obsession when our team come to work every morning.