Object detection; TensorFlow CPU; KITTI 0009; Linux; self-driving car; via cloud
Component: cr-solution:demo-obj-detection-kitti-0009-tf-cpu-linux-azure (v1.0.0)
Added by: gfursin (2019-12-23 13:05:03)
Creation date: 2019-10-07 07:26:48
CID: 1dde4902b05ae08f:fc57143d4b90bde4cr-solution:demo-obj-detection-kitti-0009-tf-cpu-linux-azure  )

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How to get stable CodeReef version (under development):
  pip install codereef
  cr init demo-obj-detection-kitti-0009-tf-cpu-linux-azure
  cr run demo-obj-detection-kitti-0009-tf-cpu-linux-azure
  # If benchmarking is supported:
  cr benchmark demo-obj-detection-kitti-0009-tf-cpu-linux-azure
Portable CK workflow:
  ck run program:squeezedet --cmd_key=use_continuous
Host OS: linux-64 (Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS)
Target OS: linux-64 (Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS)
Target machine: Microsoft Corporation 7.0 (Virtual Machine)
Target CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2673 v4 @ 2.30GHz
Target CPUs:
Target GPU: Microsoft Corporation Hyper-V virtual VGA
Python version for virtual env: 3.6.9

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CodeReef client connection cr start

unless you start in manually

Dependencies on other components

Prerequisites for further automation:
   You may need to install imagemagick to have "convert" in the path if you want support for jpeg images

pip install opencv-python ck install package --tags=dataset,object-detection,kitti-drive-0009 ck install package --tags=tensorflow,demo,squeezedet ck install package --tags=model,squeezedet ck install package:lib-tensorflow-1.10.1-cpu

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