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1) "Parallel Training Considered Harmful?": Comparing series-parallel and parallel feedforward network training

2) "With 1 follower I must be AWESOME :P". Exploring the role of irony markers in irony recognition

3) $ N^4 $-Fields: Neural Network Nearest Neighbor Fields for Image Transforms

4) $\sqrt{n}$-Regret for Learning in Markov Decision Processes with Function Approximation and Low Bellman Rank

5) $DC^2$: A Divide-and-conquer Algorithm for Large-scale Kernel Learning with Application to Clustering

6) $α^α$-Rank: Practically Scaling $α$-Rank through Stochastic Optimisation

7) $ρ$-hot Lexicon Embedding-based Two-level LSTM for Sentiment Analysis

8) (q,p)-Wasserstein GANs: Comparing Ground Metrics for Wasserstein GANs

9) 25 Tweets to Know You: A New Model to Predict Personality with Social Media

10) 2D Reconstruction of Small Intestine's Interior Wall

11) 3-D Scene Graph: A Sparse and Semantic Representation of Physical Environments for Intelligent Agents

12) 360-Degree Textures of People in Clothing from a Single Image

13) 360SD-Net: 360° Stereo Depth Estimation with Learnable Cost Volume

14) 3D Deformable Convolutions for MRI classification

15) 3D Ego-Pose Estimation via Imitation Learning

16) 3D Facial Action Units Recognition for Emotional Expression

17) 3D Human Pose Estimation with 2D Marginal Heatmaps

18) 3D Morphable Models as Spatial Transformer Networks

19) 3D Object Detection and Viewpoint Estimation with a Deformable 3D Cuboid Model

20) 3D Randomized Connection Network with Graph-based Label Inference